Sunburn art is trending, but is it safe?

Sunburn art is trending, but is it safe?

As the summer marches forward into heat, humidity, and sunshine, sunburn tattoos are becoming increasing popular. It’s now trendy to post pictures of burn-patterned skin on social media platforms.

Sunburn-tattoo art is the use of templates, and carefully applied sunblock, to create intricate skin-designs, ranging from abstract shapes to floral patterns to super hero logos.

Unsurprisingly, this fad has raised the heckles of The Skin Cancer Foundation and other health experts because as we all know sunburns are not only painful, but significantly increase one’s chances of developing skin cancer.

On one hand it’s easy to agree with the experts, on the other, considering Millie Brown’s colorful-puke canvases, Orlan’s plastic sugary and Alexander Selvik Wengshoel’s hip-meal, it certainly hasn’t been the fist time artists have put themselves at risk for the sake of art.

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