Codex Silenda: wooden mechanical book of puzzles and brainteasers

Codex Silenda: wooden mechanical book of puzzles and brainteasers

For some, reading a book is already a rewarding and indulging pastime. But throw in some puzzles and it’s a whole different mix of fun.

The Codex Silenda is a 5-page book of puzzles laser-cut from real wood. But it’s not the simple kind. Brady Whitney, the brainchild behind the Codex Silenda, made the book to be flipped only after completing each of the advanced mechanical puzzles. The real story will only be revealed as the reader accomplishes each level – which is kind of exciting but also frustrating for people who are not very patient.

It may not seem like it, but Whitney professes that he was “never a fan of jigsaw puzzles.” The Codex Silenda was originally engineered for his senior thesis project at the Iowa State University. He, later on, decided to get it funded through Kickstarter to create more challenging levels for the book.

If this isn’t the most puzzling way of reading (pun intended), then we don’t know what is.

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