What do the women behind Pixar Animation Studios have to say about their successes and experiences?

What do the women behind Pixar Animation Studios have to say about their successes and experiences?

Just like most industries and professions, women are kicking ass in the world of movies and animation. Here are some of the many women behind Pixar Animation Studios. Find out what they have to say and share to inspire you, too!

“When I first applied to CalArts, I had only been drawing for six months, so obviously I didn’t get in. And then I took a year off and moved from my home in Mexico to France to go to art school there and my parents were really supportive. They were like, ‘If this is what you want, we’ll give you the time to develop this skill because we know you’re just starting.’” – ANA RAMIREZ, DESIGNER

“If I had to pick a female Pixar character I relate to the most, it would definitely be Roz. Roz likes to have things organized and orderly which is something that’s very important to editors. She comes across in a way that you’re not quite sure what she’s up to, but ultimately in the end she’s quietly running things from behind the scenes.” – ANNA WOLITZKY, ASSOCIATE EDITOR

“Piper got an Oscar and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s great!’ And there was a moment when I came into work and the director Alan Barillaro and producer Marc Sondheimer brought the Oscar in to pass around and share with everyone at the studio, and it was just kind of a reminder like, ‘Oh that’s right, you work at the place that just won an Oscar.’ I knew that Oscars were won, but actually seeing one come in and know I work at this company too now was a surreal moment for me.” APHTON CORBIN, STORY ARTIST

To hear more from other women behind the scenes in Pixar Animations have to say, check out this blog post.

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