“Transition Movement” couple moves in at sustainable bunker-style home made by survivalists

“Transition Movement” couple moves in at sustainable bunker-style home made by survivalists

Will and Lila Cobb were known in Sangerville as survivalists. Will, a retired captain from the Air Force, has seen a lot of destruction during his time in the force. This has inspired him and his wife to build a bunker-style home in the 1970’s that can withstand any kind of calamity or devastation.

The house was built to last, and best of all, it was sustainable. A manmade hill was built to protect the whole structure, which is buried 4 feet deep, from nuclear fallout. It had cement slabs with 10-inch thickness and heavy reinforced steel girders. A 1-acre garden, an orchard, and a pond that sustains trouts are also in the lot. Both Will and Lila, however, died in 2014 and the house was shortly made available to the market.

Stephen Degoosh and Brooke Isham, however, were living the same unconventional, sustainable life in Michigan when they stumbled upon the listing. The couple, who is a part of the Transition Movement, was immediately enamored by the concept of the house. They have moved in shortly after and is now staying true its original purpose, but with sustainable food as their major motivation.

Below are the current pictures of the sustainable home.

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