World’s narrowest house in Poland is not for the claustrophobic

World’s narrowest house in Poland is not for the claustrophobic

As the problem of living space progresses into the lack thereof, developers have now started building vertically in place of the traditional construction.

As an answer to the crisis, a 46 square-feet art installation nicknamed “cushion of air” now resides in Poland and is being dubbed today as the world’s narrowest house.

The Keret House, created by Poland-based architect Jakub Szczęsny, is sandwiched between two buildings in Warsaw. It is 30 feet tall by 28 inches wide and boasts a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and a refrigerator inside its three floors. The house is so skinny, having only a ladder as its entrance, that it does not carry any electrical or plumbing lines. In place, an innovative water closet was designed and electricity acquired from the two buildings where it is wedged between.

The house was named after Isreali author Etgar Keret, also its first tenant, as a memorial to the family he lost during the Holocaust. The Keret House does not meet Polish housing standards but is open to traveling writers and visitors as of today.

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