Sunburn: All-night long exposure photos with sunburned markings

Sunburn: All-night long exposure photos with sunburned markings

Adequate lighting conditions are essential to photography but for Chris McCaw, sunlight can be used after the fact.

The photographer uses the Sun to burn markings into developed photographs creating an artificial Sun effect. McCaw discovered the technique accidentally while working on his series, Sunburn, during which he forgot to close the shutter while capturing an all-night exposure sequence.

He’s continually experimenting with this new-found technique producing photos with varying tones and painterly qualities. He says, “The subject of the photograph (the sun) has transcended the idea that a photograph is simple a representation of reality, and has physically come through the lens and put it’s hand onto the final piece. This is a process of creation and destruction, all happening within the the camera.”

Check out some of the photographs below and find more from his Sunburn series on his website.

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