Cute clay pots made in Egypt can water your plants even if you’re away

Cute clay pots made in Egypt can water your plants even if you’re away

One of the many things that a traveler dreads to go home to is a withered plant. Plants are as beautiful as they are fragile. And most of them can’t survive weeks without being drenched in the sun or watered back to health. Fortunately, there’s a new invention that can stop you from worrying too much about your beloved greens even if you’re away from home for weeks.

The Clayola is a small clay pot that can feed six to eight plants with water for up to a month. These 3×5 inches artisanal pots are inspired after the ancient water vessel in North Africa called Olla which waters plants using only gravity. Rami Halim, the founder of the Clayola, even claims that it is 80 percent more effective compared to other irrigation techniques.

Speaking about the pots, Halim says that “As water evaporates from a plant’s leaves, it draws water from the soil and as the soil dries up water is drawn from the Clayola to the soil,” Rami said. “In effect the plant extracts the water it needs from each clay pot.”

The Clayola pots are currently on sale at $30 per box of six.

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