Michael Wolf captures different emotions in Tokyo’s congested subways

Michael Wolf captures different emotions in Tokyo’s congested subways

Known mostly for his magnificent architectural photographs of bustling cities like Hong Kong and Chicago, Michael Wolf is no stranger to the chaos and madness of rush hour.

The German-born photographer, who has been residing in Hong Kong for more than 15 years, recently went on a photographic adventure of capturing people’s candid and genuine dispositions while stuck and cramped inside a Tokyo train. Most of the people in his photos look surprisingly serene and calm, others somewhat annoyed of the unnecessary attention.

His work, fittingly entitled “Tokyo Compression,” perfectly freezes both time and the painstaking effort of every commuter in Tokyo every single day – something that is often brushed off and taken for granted. It also lets people see the Japanese city in a different light.

You can purchase all three hardcover versions of the book Tokyo Compression on Amazon.

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