Lia introduces the world’s first flushable pregnancy test – and it’s beautiful

Lia introduces the world’s first flushable pregnancy test – and it’s beautiful

An all-female US-based start-up company just made pregnancy testing more sustainable, discreet, and easier for women.

Not only that, but the design ditches the common pregnancy test shape and form factor in favor of a unique hourglass design.

Lia, the brains behind the powerful product, claims that their flushable pregnancy test is the world’s first of its kind. Not only is it made from biodegradable and sustainable materials, but also mimics the basic characteristics of a toilet paper which makes it safe for both women and nature. According to Bethany Edward, co-founder and CEO of Lia, the company has “modernised the pregnancy test, ditching wasteful plastic and unnecessary electronics for a streamlined alternative that is both good for the environment and more discreet for its users.”

The streamlined product design is discreet, unique, and streamlined – completely flying in the face of the product design of its non-flushable competitors – and the accompanying press materials featuring the test make full use of its beautiful design.

The Lia pregnancy test kit has already passed the DFA and will be available to be purchased over the counter.

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