Fashion model embroiders surreal 3D art of different hairstyles

Fashion model embroiders surreal 3D art of different hairstyles

Sheena Liam is not like any other fashion model of the modern times.

She may take delight in her fashion career made of runways and photo shoots but her passion for the arts always takes her back to her creative life. With the use of black thread, Liam cross-stitches images of women with dangling and intolerably beautiful hair in 3D. The embroidery art has caught so much attention mainly because of how surreal it looks like.

She works on long and tall crowning glory in ponytails or French braids and even makes one that seems to look like the girl is about to trim her hair. The premise of her art is obviously to highlight femininity and the power of women with or without hair. But it also displays familiar moments in a woman’s life that they can all relate to.

You can see more of her stitches on her Instagram.

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