Hairstylist create colorful graffiti-inspired geometric shapes, flowers on hair

Hairstylist create colorful graffiti-inspired geometric shapes, flowers on hair

In this day and age of social media influence, men and women always strive for better versions of themselves.

This means experimenting with fashion, beauty products, and even hairstyles.

One hairstylist, however, takes on a unique approach to hair coloring by incorporating graffiti-inspired styles.

Janine Ker has done every single hairstyle trend you can think of. That is why using stencils with temporary hair color spray, a vintage hairstyle more prominent back in the 50s and 60s, came naturally to her. Along with arranging hair in beautiful styles, Ker also integrates different geometric shapes and forms using the stencil.

By adding layers of hair color, she is able to transform any length of hair into different kinds of art and giving them their own unique persona. Talking about her art, Ker thinks that “hair stenciling or hair graffiti can be a really beautiful way to take hair to another level and express yourself.”

See more of her work on her Instagram account.

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