Floating ramp dream project takes skateboarding to greater heights

Floating ramp dream project takes skateboarding to greater heights

What do you get when you dream big?

If there’s anyone reliable enough to show you the fruits of dreaming big, it’s professional skateboarder Bob Burnquist. After all, he just made into reality a floating skateboarding ramp that he only ever dreamed before. All thanks to Dream365 and Visit California, two organizations that support imagination, creativity, and dreaming big.

The floating ramp was successfully built on the deep blues of Lake Tahoe after 300 hours of intense labor and hard work. Leaks, unsuitable materials, the whole weight, and construction were all challenges design and build people Jerry Blohm and Jeff King had to face. But with the help of skilled workers and a dream that just wasn’t ready to die, the skate ramp was finally able to float.

Burnquist is now looking into building another one in front of his waterfront home in Brazil.

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