Chen Man is being called Asia’s Annie Leibovitz and her photos prove why

Chen Man is being called Asia’s Annie Leibovitz and her photos prove why

Born in China’s worst living conditions in the 1980’s, Chen Man harnesses her work’s inspiration from her hard experience through childhood in Beijing. And although the Asian country has seen better days economically in the more recent years, Man has still managed to incorporate her influences in the various works she has done for a myriad of fashion magazines.

Her Chinese culture is undeniably present in her craft. Most of them include highly exaggerated Asian looks from the popping colors of eye shadows and intricate hairstyles down to sophisticated yet traditional wardrobes and outfits. Some of her high-fashion photography spreads also represent both past and present day-China, from captivating landscapes of temples and country sides to lavish hotel rooms coated with hues of gold.

But her work is not limited to her country alone. She has made a name for herself through her collaborations with Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. She has also shot celebrities from notable Chinese celebrities to prominent fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham and Rihanna.

This spring, she will hold an exhibit at Tai Miao, a temple in China’s Forbidden City.

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