Two architects create a story about a city using miniature architectural models

Two architects create a story about a city using miniature architectural models

Drawings, doodles, and sculptures are what really hooked John Wood and Paul Harrison to working together since 1993. And the UK-based architects still continue the tradition in their latest exhibition.

Their latest, entitled “No Plans,” showcases a selection of architectural models that were inspired by the film about a city they were originally making. Both of them started the project by formulating answers to questions such as: “What is a city? Can you undesign a building? Why do people queue around buildings?” According to the duo, the architectural models were only just elements in the narrative of the video they were working on. Eventually, though, both of them “realized that the architectural models were the work.

The tiny structures are built from thin plywood and are shaped differently from each other. “Some are loosely based upon actual buildings, some are autobiographical, some are things that we would design if we were architects, and some are from films,” added the duo.

Plans will be available for viewing at the Galeria Vera Cortes from March 11, 2017 onwards.

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