Get lost in these beautiful photographs of spiral staircases in Budapest

Get lost in these beautiful photographs of spiral staircases in Budapest

Hungarian photographer Balint Alovints highlights the Bauhaus and Art Deco architecture in Budapest in his new photo series called “The Time Machine.”

The collection exposes the gravity pulling sight of the many kinds of spiral staircases the photographer has found while traveling in Budapest. The stairs vary in lengths, colors, and shapes. Some form a perfect, enticing circle with popping blues or adorned with colorful tiles. Some move in either a triangular or rectangular flow, each seemingly looking like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Each photograph symmetrically frames each of the stairs in a truly hypnotizing way, making the stairs look like it go on to infinity. The photographs also prove the decadence of Budapest’s architectural style in the old days which has now been forgotten.

Time Machine is not only a photographic exploration on the once wealthy Hungarian capital. It is also homage to the rich architecture that until now still adorns every single structure in the city.

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