Artist folds handmade paper to create amazing origami

Artist folds handmade paper to create amazing origami

Nguyen Hung Cuong is a paper artist who lives and works in Hanoi, Vietnam. He calls himself a paper-folder, a designer, or an origami artist. He describes origami as a craft, a science, or an art, depending on how you see it.

On his Flickr page, he said “What I love about origami is that I can make anything from one piece of paper just by folding it. Since I’m not good with words, I use origami to share my ideas, how I feel, and how beautiful this world is.

Clearly, this art has become a conduit of self-expression for Cuong. He began folding at around age five or six. His main material is a Vietnamese handmade paper called Dó. Interestingly, despite being featured in numerous popular origami publications and joining several public exhibitions, this artist has not yet made origami-making his full-time career.

To see the rest of his works, visit his Flickr page.

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