Russian artist illustrates brutally honest portraits of the modern world

Russian artist illustrates brutally honest portraits of the modern world

Vladimir Kazak certainly aims for a lasting great impression with his new collection. The Russian-born artist, who, according to his website, enjoys “drawing women and airplanes,” perfectly depicts modern day thinking in his brutally honest illustrations.

His shocking portrayal of everyday life shows the irony and truth about people in this age that is almost never talked about. The artist argues his works are purely satirical and insists the comical factor of his collection.

One of the illustrations show people, all made to look like robots, sitting indifferently beside each other inside a train. Another illustration shows an aerial view of a woman’s covered breasts with hungry-looking pigs all sitting around her. This particular art was thought to seemingly point out the unwanted harassments that women are subjected to every day. Some critics think Kazak’s art is too political while others seem to agree with his unobstructed view of the modern world.

Below are some of the illustrations curated from his collection. You can visit his website to see more of or buy his works.

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