HoloLens will bring together artworks and buyers in mixed reality at The Armory Show 2017

HoloLens will bring together artworks and buyers in mixed reality at The Armory Show 2017

Do you want to know how a painting looks on your wall before you even bring it home? Do you wish to pore over different artworks in a gallery without actually being there? The Armory Show can make that possible. Online art resource Artsy is teaming up with Microsoft this year to mount the fifth iteration of the annual art fair in order to bring a mixed-reality experience to art lovers and collectors.

Happening at Piers 92/94 in New York from March 2 to 5, The Armory Show will bring works by different artists to buyers with the help of technological innovations, particularly Microsoft’s HoloLens, touted to be world’s first self-contained holographic computer.

“By bringing art online and experimenting with the latest technology, including VR/AR, Artsy connects a global network of collectors and art enthusiasts to art from thousands of galleries, museums, auction houses and art fairs located around the world,” said Elena Soboleva, Artsy’s curator of special projects. 

Lorraine Bardeen, general manager for Microsoft HoloLens and Windows Experience, said in a statement: “This project with Artsy and The Armory Show marks Microsoft’s first collaboration in a commercial art context, and we’re thrilled to see how mixed reality will allow HoloLens users to experience art in a new way.”


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