The complex and innovative art of Kari Bienert

The complex and innovative art of Kari Bienert
Kari Bienert is an Australian painter who investigates visual planes, the volume inside a two-dimensional structure, and the boundless probability of chromatic and tonal scales. Her artwork is in various private and open collections around the world including Artbank and Macquarie University.
Kari Bienert’s color palette is mind-boggling and in its creative scale. To make each shading in her canvas, she blends at least 25 distinctive oil paints. Bienert’s utilization of both natural shapes and pixelated frames serve as references to living creatures and the universe of innovation.
Music assumes a vital part in Bienert’s wellspring of motivation. Her inventive procedure incorporates a staggering level of inborn exactness and suddenness. She depends on impulse to convey the crisp assorted qualities that are now inherent to her pieces. Bienert refers to her brush as an extentionof her body that is guided by the beat of her heart in addition to the peaceful song that exists in her mind.

If you want to know more about Kari Bienert and be amazed by her style and works you can check her Instagram.

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