Los Angeles-based photographer merges 19th century with modern technology

Los Angeles-based photographer merges 19th century with modern technology

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Back in the 19th century, circuses and theater halls were filled with top hat-wearing, corset-fitted ladies and gentlemen looking to see exhibitionists, and hear romantic poetry and music. Nowadays, this form of entertainment can easily be fulfilled at literally a touch of a fingertip. From tablets to Bluetooth headsets, modern technology has evidently made everything accessible for the modern Joe and Jane. But can you imagine if the extravagance of the 19th century converged with the minimalistic advancements of the 21st century?

Qiangjian Meng, a photographer residing in Los Angeles, had this in mind when he created Gold Rush – a photo series depicting a “dialogue between generations.” The collection shows men and women dressed in classic 19th-century fashion interacting with the modern technologies of today such as an Apple watch, a Playstation controller, and even a drone.

Meng started his career working with photographers in the fashion scene and eventually managed a studio in New York City. He still immerses himself in photography as manager and owner of creative photography company called Klik Studio that specializes in fashion and portraits.

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