Multimedia artist taps into the powerful effects of ‘Transformational Makeovers’

Multimedia artist taps into the powerful effects of ‘Transformational Makeovers’

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Erica Prince is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn. She is the genius behind Transformational Makeoversthe product of exploring her real-life experiences of making over her friends. It all began as an honest, simple hobby. In the end, she began considering herself as a creator of inanimate images and objects. After a long time, she realized that make-up can become a BIG part of her art, especially when she saw how her friends acted and felt differently after she made them up. This reaction made her understand that this was something powerful.

So, she started experimenting with different colors and materials on human flesh. She found herself lost in the psyches of the subjects, letting her find a clearer perspective on that very person. Prince clarifies that the process is “not about beauty” but instead, it is a project that acknowledges the humanity of the participant by letting their guards down and letting an artist make them her blank canvass.

See more of her makeovers and other projects on her website.

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