Popular artist draws Pokemon wearing costumes of other Pokemon

Popular artist draws Pokemon wearing costumes of other Pokemon

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An artist who goes by the screen name It’s Birdy has made drawings worth taking a second look at. These sketches go back to 2013, but since we are all pretty much in a huge Pokemon craze these days, it won’t hurt to see these nice little pieces of art.

The concept is simple – it’s Pokemon dressed as other Pokemon. It’s as if you’re going to attend a cosplay event if you were a Pokemon going with other Pokemon. Is it too much Pokemon? That would be a judgment call. After all, most of us can’t get enough Pokemon.  In the following images, you’ll see baby (unevolved) Pokemon dressed up as their older (evolved) selves, i.e. Bulbasaur dressed as Venosaur, Squirtle dressed as Blastoise, and so on.

It’s a shame there aren’t more of these pictures in the circulation these days. Fans would surely love to have them on apparel while playing Pokemon GO! See more of It’s Birdy’s works on Instagram or on this slideshow.

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