Japanese artist creates highly detailed mandalas with swivel knives

Japanese artist creates highly detailed mandalas with swivel knives

Mandalas are making a comeback in a new and extravagant form thanks to Mr. Riu.

The Japanese artist crafts intricate mandalas in all their patterned goodness using a precision work tool called the swivel knife. The knife allows for greater fluidity when cutting thanks to its ability to turn 360 degrees. Hidden details can be found in almost all of Riu’s pieces. These range from winged horses and stars, to snakes that curl around certain areas of the asymmetrical works.

Riu often captions his posts on Instagram with inspirational phrases like, “It’s not that I can do it because I originally have a great patience. I think that my patience grows stronger gradually because I want to do it.”

Check out some of his mandalas below, and follow him on Instagram and check out his blog!

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