The edges of artmaking— online quiz results in gallery display

The edges of artmaking—  online quiz results in gallery display

Jonas Lund’s project Fair Warning is an interactive digital platform that uses an online quiz to question the quantification of our clicks.

The project’s digital platform invites user participation with a set of 300 questions ranging from color preferences, politics, art trends, and emotions. Rather than the experiment resulting in a personality profile posted on social media or a web performance analysis on a business dashboard, the results are instead displayed on the walls of Whitechapel Gallery and Phillips London. The project description says that it “both embraces and attempts to demystify website analytics and testing tools, as the clicks and cursors.”

The Swedish artist says, “Every part of our daily lives is being measured and evaluated — either voluntarily while we are aware or hidden behind mechanisms in an opaque manner. These metrics come to represent unbiased truth, the foundation and justification for all decision making.”

For more information about the project, read this interview with Lund or participate online.

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