15 images from the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards shortlist

15 images from the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards shortlist

There were over 230,000 photo entries to this year’s Sony World Photography Awards.

The competition reports that they had one-third more entries than in 2015.

These numbers are astounding, and we thought that the 140,000 entries that we reported on in 2014 was steep competition.

The competition’s winners will be announces on April 21, and below are a few of our picks from the shortlisted entries which will be exhibited at the Somerset House in London.

Selfportraitthis-image-was-taken-by-khairel-anuar-che-ani-during-the-melasti-festival-in-balistephanie-sinclair-shadowed-the-ringling-bros-employees-that-live-on-trains-for-44-weeks-out-of-the-yearAlmeria (Spain)this-group-of-children-studying-in-a-madrasa-in-bangladesh-was-captured-by-tanveer-rohantugo-cheng-photographed-this-fisherman-floating-on-a-boat-among-bamboo-rods-built-for-aquaculture-off-the-coast-of-southern-china360976-1308699The season of a firefly comes around in Japan at the beginning of a rainy season. This firefly is a species called Luciola parvula, and repeats blink. [Hime-HOTARU] Call a firefly in Japan. This species flies in the beautiful forest. In particular, the firefly in bamboo forest is valuable. The population of these firefly decreases every year in Japan. These may be influence by environmental destruction. This picture was taken under a little moonlight.lucy-nicholson-explored-the-california-droughts-in-late-2015robgregoryusashortlistprofessionalcampaign2016sony-world-photography-awardsattila-balogh-shot-larung-gar-a-town-in-the-chinese-sichuan-province-thats-home-to-40000-buddhist-monkslongform-original-6754-1456224343-13karolis-janulis-captured-this-image-of-people-practicing-yoga-in-a-central-park-in-vilnius-lithuanialongform-original-6735-1456224473-3longform-original-997-1456224410-17
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