Massive 21,000 meter mural painted on top Norway building

Massive 21,000 meter mural painted on top Norway building

As far as murals and street art go, none have been able to match the sheer scale of this rooftop mural in Norway. At an astonishing 21,000 square meters, the mural by French artists Ella & Pitr, who are renowned for their gigantic murals, is just as big in size as it is deep in meaning.

The piece is called, “Lilith and Olaf”, and depicts a girl curled up inside the box-like rooftop of the Block Berge Bygg construction company in Rogaland county. The title itself is a pun directed at King Olaf I, who was born near the site of the mural.

According to Brooklyn Street Art , this may well be the “world’s largest figurative mural”. It is also positioned directly underneath the flightpath to the Sola airport where passengers on commercial flights can get a nice, clear view.

Here are some images of Ella and Pitr at work on the mural, and if you’d like to see more, head on over here!

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