Unsettlingly accurate human skulls made of sugar

Unsettlingly accurate human skulls made of sugar

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Hang on to your heads, because this next series of sculptures is so scary you can almost taste it! No, really, Joseph Marr’s new life-sized sculptures of human skulls are technically edible.

The Australian multimedia artist, now residing in Berlin, is known for his innovative techniques. This time around he decided to tackle the using skull, carefully sculpting anatomically correct models using sugar preserved in resin. Given the speed in which sugar cools once the heat source is removed, Marr had very little time to put in details.

Describing the project, Marr says, “It’s a sensory overload, the smell, the colour, the heat, and the honey like movement… It’s sharp like glass, and smooth like marble, and at the same time rough like concrete. Unpredictable.” Check out some pictures of the hauntingly delicious skulls below and visit Marr’s website for more of his brilliant projects!

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