Sculptures so minuscule that they can be mounted within the eye of a needle

Sculptures so minuscule that they can be mounted within the eye of a needle

Willard Wigan’s miniature sculptures are too impressive to be referred to as cute. Able to reach the minute scale of 0.0002 inches, Wigan’s work is often displayed within the eye of a needle, atop the head of a pin and at the tip of an eyelash. We’re taking, half-of-a-period small, so small that one needs a microscope to view his work!

The most extraordinary part is that Wigan creates his work by hand, and you start realizing what a mind bogglingly difficult and strange world this must be when you hear him discuss process. He carves away at a single gain of sand, hallows out hair follicles, manipulates strands of nylon,  fuses components together with cobwebs, and builds walls with itsy bitsy particles of glass and dust. He even uses a fly’s hair as a paintbrush.

Wigan talks about mediating, working between his heartbeats to avoid accidentally inhaling, or flicking his work into the outer stratosphere. Wigan’s sculptures can sell for as much as $150,000, and take up to three months to complete. It’s easy to see how these sculptures have become popular collectables.

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