Artist subverts ceramic ware in a way you won’t believe

Artist subverts ceramic ware in a way you won’t believe

Jacob Raeder is engrossed with objects: their ability to allude to the past, and at the same time indicate a pregnant tactile future. Like how in looking at a mouse trap one can’t help but jump forward into “the snap”, that moment of pain.

Working in a field that often stresses function, Raeder refreshingly reinterprets expectations of traditional function while enhancing the tactility of objects. Raeder strives to create objects  “that you want to put in your mouth, roll around, explore with your tongue, explore with your fingertips, and have it against you[.]”

His work includes ceramic vessels sprouting with greenery, a cup installed into a cliff-face, and ceramic wares as tiles. The blue and pink 2-D images embody the spirit of Raeder’s work, presenting yet dislocating all the elements one associates with mugs: hands, color, texture, food. The hands become color, the food inedible ceramic, the ceramic incapable of holding food, all working together to reaffirm yet reinterpret the viewer’s anticipated notions.

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