Artist makes mini recreations of Philly buildings

Artist makes mini recreations of Philly buildings

In the series “Relics”, Drew Leshko has created a series of neighborhood buildings made out of wood and paper. Leshko is from Philadelphia, so his work is greatly inspired by his surroundings.

Each recreation is a 1:12 scale, and the artist focuses on imitating the true state of the buildings decay. While the pieces themselves are newly created, they mimic the state of the buildings to draw focus to the history.

“When approaching a city it appears as a colossal structure in the landscape. And it is. Skyscrapers stand above you, and people are moving swiftly around you. What if you froze the motion for a minute and imagined the components that make up a city as individual pieces to the puzzle? What’s actually happening to them?”, the artist writes.

For more of his work, visit his website.

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