Dreamy fashion advertisements use “Super Women” not supermodels

Dreamy fashion advertisements use “Super Women” not supermodels

A recent project by Elisa Rodríguez-Vila swaps images of supermodels with images of “super women.” Using a picture of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsgerg in a mock Chanel ad, the project begs the question of why women of great accomplishments are not as revered as supermodels.

Rodríguez-Vila created the mock advertisements in a piece for Fusion Magazine where she stated, “Season after season, we see the same group of models and celebrities posing for brands over and over, in a fashion Groundhog Day. The crazy idea of casting women who don’t fit the supermodel mold — yet are super heroes in real life — is actually not that crazy at all. Choosing these women wouldn’t be a risk, it would be a sure-fire hit.”

Do you agree with this project’s claims that great style is not confined to just models? Are there super women who you would like to see in a fashion advertisement?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Chanel

Malala for Louis Vuitton

Gloria Steinem for Chloé

Janet Mock for Calvin Klein

Mo’Ne Davis for Céline

Roxane Gay for Saint Laurent

Laverne Cox for Versace

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