This dress alarms when the wearer is touched inappropriately

This dress alarms when the wearer is touched inappropriately

NY-based Elizabeth Tolson is not only making technology more fashionable but more self-aware as well. ‘Vessel’ is a line of dresses Tolson designed specifically to address the social and physical concerns surrounding the female body. She implemented electronics and soft circuitry under the fabric of her futuristic forms.

Her ‘Fertility Dress’ responds to the physicality of a female. It turns blue to indicate ovulation, red during menstruation, and white or yellow to indicate hygiene. The dress highlights the well-being of a female as well as the fact that women are fertile beings.

Her ‘Chastity Dress’ explores the double standard society has for women: to look desirable but remain pure. The dress resembles a high-end fashion design, but is equipped with a sensor that goes off when the wearer is touched inappropriately— a particularly high-pitched sensor is triggered when pressure is placed on the bra.

Tolson is currently designing interactive costumes for dance and performance artists. Check out more of her work here!

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