Happy family photographs with a disturbing twist

Happy family photographs with a disturbing twist

Even the best of families experience their share of tension and trying moments. However, family portraits generally feature the smiling joyful ideal of family life, which tends to come across as flat. Susan Copich’s series, ironically titled ‘Domestic Bliss,’ takes the stereotypical family portrait in a new direction.

The series’ dark humor and unsettling narratives are not literal interpretations of Copich’s family. Copich has a positive disposition and loves her husband and two daughters. The images represent her musings surrounding the confines of aging, fatigue, mother-dome, wife-hood and housekeeping, as well as less personal societal commentaries.

Realizing that she was absent (being the photographer) from her family photos, she decided to reinsert herself into the scene with emphasis.“I wanted to feel relevant again and create something honest and courageous. I didn’t want to fall through the cracks of domesticity.”

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