Digitally manipulated self-portraits that have no limit to their absurdity

Digitally manipulated self-portraits that have no limit to their absurdity

Buenos Aires-based artist Martín De Pasquale’s work will brighten your day. His digitally manipulated self-portraits are playful, experimental, and fun both in process as well as subject matter.

De Pasquale’s works are not self-portraiture in the traditional sense, they are more along the lines of whims made into amusing images. One image features De Pasquale’s body dragging his enlarged head to work—an emotion we can all relate to. Another is of himself riding his huge dog. A few images seem to have a deeper message like when he reveals a child behind his adult facade.

It’s easy to see that De Pasquale put a lot of time and planning into both photographing and editing his work to create such convincing images.

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