Massive cityscape tapestries woven from unraveled sweaters

Massive cityscape tapestries woven from unraveled sweaters

Sola Fiedler is a 78-year-old artist who recently completed a 5-year, 5,000-hour, tapestry of a detailed aerial view of Vancouver, Canada. Fielder has been developing large-scale cityscapes for years depicting places including Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Sydney, Australia.

What makes her work unique is that her huge tapestries are made-up entirely of used, unraveled sweaters. At first Fielder used the sweaters because they were an affordable art material. “I continue to unravel sweaters because of the huge variety of materials that I can find with sweaters being made from all over the world,” Fielder explains. She uses specific materials for certain architectural elements, stating that linen looks like limestone and cotton looks like painted wood.

See a selection of her intricate work below and watch the video to learn about her process and inspirations.

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