Interesting images reveal what 6 famous photographers carry in their camera bags

Interesting images reveal what 6 famous photographers carry in their camera bags

Every artist relies on a specific set of tools in order to do their job. Painters carry certain colors, clay artists use certain kilns and photographers carry equipment based on their specialty and technique. This fun series of images collected by photography blog reveals the secret contents of famous photographers bags.

The bags are emptied, organized and documented in a methodical way. Each bag reveals a little bit about each artist’s practice. One bag features 20 different sized lenses, while another contains just a couple of lenses along with a surprising plethora of flashlights and crystal balls. The images are paired with an interview of each respective artist to get a more in-depth look into their practice and personality. You can read the featured photographer interviews at or click on the photos below!

Fer Juaristi


Dave Hill


 Dana Neibert


Dixie Dixon


Ryan Schude


Emin Kuliyev

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