Nature’s architects: amazing structures built by animals

Nature’s architects: amazing structures built by animals

The recently published book, Animal Architecture, documents the structures built by a wide range of animals. Whether built for shelter or for capturing prey, these exquisitely designed and constructed structures were photographed and collected into a unique series of images.

Each species has a structure that is distinctly suited to its own characteristics and needs. While termites build cathedrals that rise to six meters high, the intricate structure of wasp nests are papery and delicate. And of course, nature’s most well-known architect, the beaver uses sticks, branches and logs to build protective homes.

Photographer Ingo Arndt has been published by National Geographic and BBC Wildlife; he is a World Press Photo Award winner.

Wasp nest

A nest of red wood ants

Namibian baya weavers

Beaver lodge

Vogelkop gardener bowerbird

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