‘Chair Wear’ is a fashionable clothing line… for your old furniture

‘Chair Wear’ is a fashionable clothing line… for your old furniture

It’s odd how we can become emotionally attached to chairs that aren’t really that comfortable. When this happens, I tend to keep the furniture around…but never use it. Bernotat & Co has developed a new line of clothing to spice up the estranged chairs in your life. They call it ‘Chair Wear.’

These funny garments are inspired by aprons, oven mitts, and quilts and are designed to fit right over the backs of your chairs. ‘Chair Wear’ humorously personifies your old household seats giving them new life as functional and weird fashion objects.

The designers explain, “Being slightly strange, some of them maybe even awkward, they trigger emotional reactions. People relate differently to the chairs when they’re dressed up and the chairs suddenly acquire a certain anthropomorphic quality.”

What do you think – would you relate more to chairs if they dressed like people…?

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