You will never guess how this artist creates painterly portraits of celebrities…

You will never guess how this artist creates painterly portraits of celebrities…

Sam Spratt is a 24 year-old New York-based illustrator who is well-known for his amazingly realistic digital portraits of various musicians, actors and political figures. His technique is built off of his classical oil-painting training and translated to the fast-paced digital world.

Among the pop culture icons he has portrayed are Obama, Freddie Mercury, Anne Hathaway, Kanye West, Sir Ian McKellen, Bill Murray, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. He also contributed artwork to Janelle Monae’s latest album ‘The Electric Lady’. His illustrations are so richly detailed that from a distance they can easily be mistaken for photographs. What’s more amazing is that he does it all exclusively on Photoshop.

You can watch a time-lapse video of his working process below! 

tumblr_mxr9xo3Tnn1qf8rjmo1_1280 Share Janelle Monae

tumblr_mud3pirVrU1qf8rjmo1_1280 Share Freddie Mercury

tumblr_mmjq4a5qjf1qf8rjmo1_1280.png Share Daniel Craig as James Bond

tumblr_mgflfu5OdA1qf8rjmo1_1280 Share Anne Hathaway

tumblr_maanunWpxI1qf8rjmo2_r1_1280 Share Aaron Paul

tumblr_lsm9ubUbYV1qf8rjmo1_1280 Share Nick Offerman

tumblr_me9qt8kZjs1qf8rjmo1_r1_1280.png Share Bill Murray

092512_2323_BOLO4 Share Childish Gambino

tumblr_m6774iALd21qf8rjmo1_1280 Share Michael Jackson

tumblr_lvuurtqc6J1qf8rjmo6_1280 Share Amy Winehouse

tumblr_lq174mZ0rL1qf8rjmo1_1280 Share Kanye West

tumblr_lj3w63CkoM1qf8rjmo1_1280 Share Lady Gaga

tumblr_m8p98wMmyh1qf8rjmo1_1280 Share Sir Ian McKellen

tumblr_m9ixpjqWgv1qf8rjmo1_1280 Share Obama

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