Stitching the industrialization of daily life

Stitching the industrialization of daily life

Needlepoint often invokes clichéd images of lighthouses, landscapes or floral patterns, but Michelle Hamer has a different approach. Hamer is using this textile craft to explore the urban landscape and “the small in-between moments that characterize everyday life.”

This unexpected imagery is very familiar. The billboards, chain link fences and highways are scenes that we all recognize, but perhaps they are also scenes we overlook. These hand-stitched works help us to have new eyes in seeing the landscape that is around us. In the artist’s words, “This traditional technique exposes an ironic romanticism present between manual pixelation and the digitization of imagery in contemporary society.”

01 Hamer
02 Hamer
03 Hamer
04 Hamer
05 Hamer
06 Hamer
07 Hamer
08 Hamer
09 Hamer
10 Hamer

Photography by Marc Morel

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