The ‘Stir Kinetic Desk’ makes you more fit while you work

The ‘Stir Kinetic Desk’ makes you more fit while you work

A brief peek into the science of ergonomics is enough to reveal numerous problems that the modern world is facing. Sitting for eight hours at your desk during work is unhealthy – period. The ‘Stir Kinetic Desk‘ is a solution to the motionless desk job epidemic. 

Founded by a former Apple engineer, Stir is a startup that guarantees you will become more fit and healthy. The desk is driven by software accessible through a touchscreen. The technology allows the desk to learn your sitting habits and tells you when you need to stand up.

The designers explain, “Our surveys indicate that less than 30% of other sit/stand workstations successfully engage their owners and deliver the full health and wellness benefits of sitting less. They are either too hard to use, disrupt other worktop equipment, or simply get left in one position for too long because you’re thinking about something else. The Stir Kinetic Desk was created to eliminate these barriers, and we think you’ll love it.”

This is how it works: 

YouTube Preview Image
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