Retractable tire stud tech for dominating winter roads

Retractable tire stud tech for dominating winter roads

Driving in winter poses many slippery challenges. To combat the ice you can opt to get winter tires for your car, which are expensive, or even studded tires, which are noisy and wear down quickly. Tire company Nokian has unveiled a prototype tire that gives winter drivers the best of all worlds by utilizing retractable studs embedded within the tread.

This is an adaptation of Nokian’s Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV studded winter tire, but with this new technology the studs can be retracted or deployed while driving with the push of a button from inside the car. If commercially produced these tires have the potential to be a lifesaving innovation in the realm of winter driving.

Check out the intense video below to learn more about Nokian’s new tire.

YouTube Preview Image


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