Printable touch technology might revolutionize manufacturing

Printable touch technology might revolutionize manufacturing

Environmentally friendly design is not always about being biodegradable or fitting an unreasonable amount of trees onto a tall building; sometimes the most practical ‘green’ design simply makes things more efficient. Tech start-up Novalia has developed a special conductive ink embedded with touch technology that can be printed right at your local screen printing shop.

The demo product is a keyboard printed on a regular sheet of photo paper. When paired with an electronics control module embedded with Bluetooth, you have yourself a functional keyboard. Products like this can be produced anywhere for a fraction of the typical cost, using a minuscule amount of material.

Novalia CEO, Dr. Kate Stone explains, “The really clever bit, however, is being able to literally print touch sensors, with no metallic wiring, using local existing print processes anywhere in the world, and so at very low cost,”

Products made in this method use a 2mm in thickness control module with a 9-month battery life and support a printed touch-pad as thin as 50-microns.

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