‘Lionel Stitchie’ project imposes cheesy lyrics onto unsuspecting trash

‘Lionel Stitchie’ project imposes cheesy lyrics onto unsuspecting trash

In Molly Evans‘ latest art project ‘Lionel Stitchie’ the fiber artist hit the streets of her home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On Sunday mornings she ventured out with braided ‘Easy Cheese’ bright yellow yarn, a tag gun and a camera. Evans then stitched Lionel Ritchie lyrics onto plaid couches, recliners and stained mattresses being thrown away by people moving and photographed the results.

By juxtaposing cheesy lyrics with the upholstered artifacts of life, Evans captures the pathos, humor and hope of students, families and people moving on from the past and starting new chapters in their lives. Hope springs eternal.

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