Hip matchboxes celebrate the creation of fire

Hip matchboxes celebrate the creation of fire

Matches were once a standard household fire making tool, but were thoroughly replaced by the efficiency of the gas lighter. Now, matches exist almost exclusively as a promotional item with the focus on a printed logo. Designers Clara von Zweigbergk and Shane Schneck have teamed up with Danish design house HAY on this collection of modernized matchboxes called ‘Strike.’

These matchboxes are hip and colorful with a particular focus on the striking pad. Typically, these pads are made for function without thought to decorative design, but Strike features elegant patterned gradients that bring new life to the retro tool.

Schneck explains the design philosophy: “The common matchbox is used almost exclusively for advertising while the intricate red phosphorus pattern along the sides are secondary to the advert. Strike honors the activity of creating a flame.”

You can find these fun matchboxes on HAY.

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