Performance artist sews portraits of his family into his palm

Performance artist sews portraits of his family into his palm

The French artist David Catá makes work about the people who have had an impact on his life.

These friends, family, teachers and mentors are forever woven into his life but change and fade with time.

In a performance that is symbolic of this ‘impact and fading’ phenomenon David Catá sews the portraits of these special people directly into the palm of his hand and then rips out the seams.

Catá explains, “their lives have been interwoven with mine to build my history’ catá says,‘every moment lived stays in the memory to finally be forgotten. somehow, this fact is painful, since there are only material things and traces that people leave behind.’

If you can stomach it, watch the simple, creepy, and beautiful video performance called ‘mi vida a flor de piel’ below.

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