Expressive portraits elicit compassion through paint

Expressive portraits elicit compassion through paint

Andrew Salgado paints raw portraits of people feeling authentic emotions. His style is to portray these feelings using a metaphorical technique rather than a ‘realism’ depiction of his subjects.

Through the oil paint the viewer can draw conclusions about the atmosphere, personality, and narrative behind the faces. Bright colors may indicate an uplifted mood, blurred lines indicate a racing mind, and image vagueness indicates a lost soul. Through subtle manipulation of the oil paint medium Andrew Salgado forms invented narratives about his subjects.

Salgado explains, “Through my treatment of form and content, I ask the viewer to consider the technical aspects of my paintings, but also the metaphorical role that media assumes in my work, and finally the relationship of my paintings to a greater narrative and mythology.”

See more of Salgado’s paintings on his website here.

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