Clever graphic tees flaunt regional pride

Clever graphic tees flaunt regional pride

The Social Dept. is t-shirt company that loves and lionizes typography, design, food, beer, sports and all fifty states. It is the brainchild of Andy Taray of Ohio Boy Design. The Social Dept. has a number of series including ‘The Fifty State Tee,’ Individual State Tees, and a ‘Cities Series’ that highlights what’s unique about a number of our country’s finest cities. 

The ideas behind each shirt start with research about the state or city. That leads to clever design by Taray and the final product is a hand screened shirt that can be worn with pride. 

What region do you represent? See them all on the The Social Dept. website here

Reg_OtherStates_Ohio_1024x1024 Share reg_eastcoaster_1024x1024 Share reg_midwestsign_grey_1024x1024 Share Design_SansSerifsBlack_1024x1024 Share food_chicagodog_1024x1024 Share Land_AustinBrisket_1024x1024 Share States_38_Coloradan_1024x1024 Share States_31_Californian_1024x1024 Share city_hustle_1024x1024 Share City_Coke_1024x1024 Share

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