New ad campaign features birdhouse models of unique human homes

New ad campaign features birdhouse models of unique human homes

Airbnb, the online and mobile community for listing and booking lodging accommodations has launched an advertising campaign called Birdbnb.

Birdbnb shows the similarities between a bird’s migratory life and a travelers life by creating bird houses modeled from some of the most interesting Airbnb homes available around the world.

Airbnb commissioned artists to create the whimsical birdhouses.

The outcome is 50 almost magical handmade models by five artists.

The birdhouses were recently hung at the “Tree of Life” at Audubon Park in New Orleans.

Check out a handful of the clever birdhouses below!

Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-16-France-3-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-15-San-Francisco-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-14-Desert-Hot-Springs-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-13-Liverpool-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-12-Joshua-Tree-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-11-Eugene-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-10-Berkshires-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-9-Denmark-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-8-Lake-Tahoe-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-7-Gaston-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-6-Philippines-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-5-Occidental-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-3-London-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-2-Iceland-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-1-France-600x219 Share Birdbnb-Airbnb-birdhouses-4-Michigan-City-600x219 Share

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