4 recreations of M.C. Escher paintings using Legos

4 recreations of M.C. Escher paintings using Legos

As a self-proclaimed “professional nerd,” Andrew Lipson loves Legos.

Over a series of projects, Lipson tackled the challenging task of recreating several M.

C. Escher paintings in the colorful building toy, err..

building material.

Partnering with Daniel Shiu, the duo produced these three-dimensional renditions of some of Escher’s famous impossible construction drawings.

As Escher’s original works are ripe with optical illusions, the task of recreating these works is quite a challenge!

Check out 4 of the Lego-building duo’s shockingly accurate painting recreations below!

01 relativity
05 ascending
03 balcony

Lego images are copyright Andrew Lipson and used with permission

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